A-litter Update

Litter born April 23th 2010
Knivil vh Pullenland x Geron Basko vd 's-Gravenschans
3 males, 7 females
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Aagje met Strepen does mantrailing in Germany, family dog. She passed the Level 1 & Level 2 mantrailing test.


Alva met Strepen lives in Germany with dad (Basko), mantrailer, kreistraining, object searching. Alva passed her BH examn, and FH-1 examn with score 94  out of 100.

Amazone-Sabou met Strepen
Sabou lives in hollandt, agility, family dog. Unfortunately Sabou passed away May 2016 due to an unknown abcess in her neck.


Amber met Strepen (Ranja) lives in Germany, Kreistraining, mantrailer, family dog.

Assra met Strepen
lives in Germany, she passed het BH examn and does agility, obedience.

Axana met Strepen Xana lives in Germany, she passed het BH examn and does tracking.


Amigo-Gibbs Gibbs lives in Germany training tracking. Gibbs passed his BH examn, is training Mantrailing HD-A ED 0/0.

Arik met Strepen lives in Austria, passed the BH and BGH1 examns, won lot's of shows. Austrain and International champion. Arik is available as stud, HD-A, ED 0/0, patella 0/0. Arik has his own website: www.arikmetstrepen.at

Atoyon met Strepen
Toyon lives in Germany, Mondioring/IPO and tracking, passed his BH examn. HD-A ED 0/0. He also has his own website Toyon's Homepage. Available as stud.