D-Litter update

Litter born 27th November 2014
Knivil van het Pullenland x Esaber Denker met Wanda
5 males, 4 females.

Knivil vh Pullenland, BH, AD, FPR-3
HD-A ED 0/0
Esaber Denker met Wanda, UV, therapiedog
HD-A ED 0/0


Daronja met Strepen lives in Germany where she will join in for jogging and do nosework/protection.

Disney met Strepen lives in Germany with sister Bambee met Strepen, she can try out all dogsports, but main focus will be on nosework.

Donna Maja met Strepen lives in Germany and will try out what she likes in dogschool.

Dutch Zahra met Strepen lives in Holland, she will guard the horses and will join them when riding in the woods.



Dapper met Strepen lives in Belgium, he will start in tracking and defense work.

Diezel met Strepen lives in Holland, at dogschool he will learn lots of fun stuff, and he gets to run around in the woods.

Dingo met Strepen lives in Holland with Dutch Shepherd Dr. Rossi vd Molengors and mix DS Indy, he will start in the KNPV searchdogs programm, and will keep the other two DS occupied.

Duke met Strepen lives in Germany, he will be the new gaurddog, and will join in for jogging and longs walks, he will try out agility when he is old enough.


Dusty met Strepen lives in Germany with his friends Lucio, Lance and Merlin, he has started in the IPO programm.