Cobber-Dingo vd 's-Gravenschans

Litter day: 14-10-2003
Registry id: VDH/HSCD 10/171Ü0081
Sex: Male
Height: 64cm
Weight: 30kg
Examinations: VZH/BH, UV, FPr-1 (=IPO1 speuren)
Show: Ned. Kamp. (Dutch Champion) among the results:
NHC 2008 1excl. Best male
Winner 2010 Amsterdam 1 excl BOB
NHC Clubwinner 2011 BOB
HSCD Clubshow 2012 1st Excl. Ch. class
NHC Clubshow 2013 1 Excl, Veteran, and best male.
X-ray: HD-A ED 0/0
DNA: Available
ZZL: 24-07-2010


Dingo and Frikke as moviestars

In January 2009 we recorded 4 short films for an Artshow on Dutch television with Frikke (Attie und Tineke Borg) and Dingo. I collected all 4 films in the video below, please allow some time to load.

All rights Avro 2009.

Photo's of the filming:

Hollandse herder Dingo kunstuur
Hollandse herders Frikke en Dingo
Hollandse herder Dingo kunstuur Scheveningen
Hollandse herder Frikke
Hollandse herder maakt vrienden

Dingo NHC clubwinnaar 2011