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23th Febuary 2017 E-litter is born! Cimmick did a super job, 6 males 4 females. (all reserved)

December 26th 2016 2nd Christmas day Cimmick met Strepen was bred to Teus van het Oude Landras. We're hoping to have pups by the end of Ferbuari!
More Info's and reservations please contact us.

August 23th 2015 Because our kennel exists 5 years, we thougt time was ripe for a Strepenfest! It was a wonderfull day where a lot of "Stripes" met and had lots of fun :-D Pictures of the Strepenfest here.
Strepenfest Hollandse herders met Strepen

March 21th 2015 The sisters Bambee met Strepen and Cimmick met Strepen oth passed the breeding test from HSCD. The judge found them both "breed typical" and Bambee had 202 out of 210 and Cimmick 207 out of 210 on behavioural test, well done both!!

November 10th 2014 Ivil's belly grows and grows......

November 8th 2014 Bella met Strepen passed her BH test!

Oktober 28th 2014 The "Strepen" are getting modern of today we are also on facebook..
Also visible if you're not on Facbook yourself!

August 11th 2014 Today Knivil vh Pullenland and Cimmick met Strepen did examns. Ivil passed her FPR-3 (tracking) with 80 ponits. Cimmick passed her BH-test. Brother Cingor-Dex passed his BH in Holland on the same day!

Oktober 5th 2014 Dingo's daughter Cowley van Rianne's erf is now Dutch Champion!

September 27th & 29th 2014 Ivil was bred by Esaber Denker met Wanda (Jedda), Pups expected approx. 28. November.

September 13th 2014 We did the dog-handler survival 2014 vom kringgroep NON. It was a great day once again!

Augustus 22nd 2014 Results of Cimmick's hip[s and elbows arrived, very happy with HD-A2, ED 0/0 (both free)!.

Augustus 3th 2014 Nationale Hundeschau in Bremen, Brix met Strepen V1 in Championsklasse, Bambee met Strepen V1, CAC und BOB in offene klasse.

Augustus 2nd 2014 Internationale Hundeschau in Bremen, Brix met Strepen V1, CACIB in Championsklasse, Bambee met Strepen V1U in offene klasse.

June 28th 2014 At the NHC clubmatch Brix met Strepen was 1. Excellent in championsclass, best female, and best of breed!

June 24th 2014 Planning of the upcoming and last litter with Ivil see Pups

June 4th 2014 Ivil passed her FPR2 (tracking IPO-2) with 93 points!

June 7th 2014 Bella met Strepen Pinkstershow in Arnhem 1. Excellent CAC CACIB BOB

June 2nd 2014 Bella met Strepen came to visit us:

29 Mei 2014 We were at the Joe Kat show in Arnhem
Males youth: Cingor-Dex met Strepen-Good
Males openclass: Amigo-Gibbs met Strepen-1. Very Good
Bitches youth: Cimmick met Strepen -2. Very Good
Bitches  openclass: Knivil v.h. Pullenland-1. Excellent RCAC
Bitches  openclass: Bella met Strepen-2. Excellent

Mai 17th 2014 Amazone-Sabou passed her agility examm!

Mai 17th 2014 Cayra met Strepenpassed her BH examm!

20 April 2014
Brix met Strepen dogshow  Goes 1. Excellent CAC CACIB.

April 19th 2014 Brix met Strepen dogshow Goes 2. Very Good.

April 12th 2014 Today was "litter-day" organized by the Dutch breed club NHC. Our C-litter was there. All dogs got a nice report and a compliment for good behaviour. Cimmick, Cayra and Chiloh-Sue met Strepen also passed their "social dog test"" . Here's some pictures.

April 8th 2014 Dingo's daughter Tara Victoria Per Bene, and sons Therru Sun Shine Per Bene and Troy Dream Per Bene are all Polish youth Champion. For pictures Per Bene

April 6th 2014 at the show in Utrecht, Brix met Strepen 1st Excellent in open class, CAC, CACIB and BOB(best of breed)!

March 25th 2014
Brix met Strepen 2nd Excellent, RCAC at the Luxemburg show.

February 27th 2014
We got the X-ray results for Bella met Strepen; HD-A2 ED 0/0 (Hips and Elbows free of HD/ED)

February 23 2014
Today we trained at a club in Apeldoorn, Cimmick gave her all, it was a very nice and instructive day.

February 6th 2014 Added new pictures in B-litter update and C-litter update. See Foto's.

January 25th 2014 During a mebers-competion at "HSV de Lichtstad" Cayra met Strepen was "best young dog" in Part-A (tracking) of the Schutzhund programm. the team she was in also won the entrie competition! On this day Cayra and her brothers and sisters also celebrated their first birthday. 

December 22th 2013 At teh Christmasshow in Cuijk, The Netherlands Brix met Strepen was 1st in her class, and 2bd of all females!

December 16th 2013
Sisters Coco and Cheyenne-Ivy met Strepen came to visit us. Together with their sister Cimmick thay trained. Afterwards we went for a run through the woods.

December 7 & 8 2013
Bambee met Strepen participated in a 2-day dogshow in Kassel, Germany. First day she was 1st and Best of Breed. The second day she was 2nd and got another point for the "German Champion"title.

December 3th 2013
We visited Schutzhundclub "HSV de lichtstad" in Eindhoven, The Netherlands to see Cayra met Strepen and brother Cingor Dex met Strepen. It was great seeing them again, very friendly dogs, that love to work. Unfortunately it was so foggy I was unable to take pictures.

November 24th 2013 Knivil vh Pullenland passed her FPR1 (IPO1-A tracking)  examn with 94 points out of 100.

November 2nd 2013 Borrize met Strepen passed his UV test (endurance).
At the same day his sister Brix met Strepen was at the show in Bleiswijk, 2nd Excl.

Oktober 18th 2013 Knivil vh Pullenland aka Ivil passed the UV (endurance, 20km running next to the bike) test.

Oktober 12 & 13 2013 
Bambee met Strepen was at the Hund und Pferd show, Dortmund, open class. Dirst day 1Excl. Second day 1st Very Good. Congratulations Sabrina en Bambee!

Oktober 12th 2013
AXana met Strepen passed her BH exam! Congratulations Yasemin and Xana!

Oktober 5th 2013
Brix met Strepen was in the show in Zwolle, younster class 1st Excellent, res. CAC, res. CACIB.

September 28th & 29th 2013 Brix met Strepen was in a double show in Maastricht. First day 1st Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB! 2nd day 1st res.CAC, CACIB.

September 22nd 2013 This year we participated in the French BHCF clubshow. Cimmick had her fisrt show experience: the judge found her promising. Ivil was in a full open classe, 3rd Excellent! Dingo got to go in veteran classe 1st Excellent. He than also won the BOS (Best of Sex). We had a great time in France with our dogs!

Augustus 24th 2013 At the HSCD clubshow: Axana met Strepen 4th Very Good, Bambee met Strepen 3rd Excellent in open classe. In youngsters class: Bella met Strepen Good. Bink met Strepen was there to support his siblings.

Augustus 18th 2013 Cheyenne-Ivy met Strepen was "Best pup" at the show in Voorne-Putten.

August 3th and 4th 2013 At the internation show in Bremen, Bambee met Strepen made Excellent 1st on the first day, 2nd day she was 1st Excellent CAC and BOB (Best of Breed).

July 25th 2013 Toyon now has his own website too Toyon's Homepage.

June 29th 2013
During the very first Dutch Breeds Dogshow Brix met Strepen in intermediate class 1Excl. res. CAC.
Dingo's daughters were there too, Bacira von den Goldauen youthclass 3Excl.  Cowley v. Rianne's Erf 4Excl in openclass.

June 23th 2013 Femke and Amigo-Gibbs met Strepen passed their BH examn, congratulations!!

June 16th 2013 At the annual NHC clubmatch in Zuilen, Holland AToyon met Strepen made 4th place with an "excellent" open class males, Ivil did the same and was 4th Excellent in open class female. Dingo was 1st, Excellent in veteran class, and than also won Best male shorthair!

May 10th 2013 At the International Dogshow in Dortmund Bambee met Strepen was  "Frühjahrs-Jugensieger", Deutscher-Jugend-Champion (=German Youth Champion), CACIB, CAC, BOB.

May 5th 2013
Bambee met Strepen passed her BGVP exam with 94 out of 100 points!!

April 27th 2013
Atoyon met Strepen International Dogshow in Dresden 1U, BOB, CACIB, CAC, anw. Deutsch. CH.

April 14th 2013 Today our  B-litter was at the "NHC-nestendag". It was great to see them again, pictures here:  Foto's nestendag.
Starting our B-litter at picture 53. Dingo's litter with von den Goldauen was also there, starting at picture 89.

9 April 2013 After Cayra, Carto also arrived in his new home.

March 24th 2013 Arik met Strepen has his own Homepage:

March 23th 2013 Most of the pups have gone to their new owners, Carto and Cayra get to stay a little longer and Cimmick will stay wirh us forever!

March 3th 2013 Arik met Strepen won the international show "IHA" in Graz, Austria: 1st Excellent, CACIB, CACA and Best Of Breed, that made him Austrian and International Champion. Congratulations Sabine and Arik!

February 12th Ivil and puppies are doing well, new photo's are added regularly Pictures C-litter. und 

January 25th 2013 The pups are born, 4 males 5 females. Pictures C-litter.

January 23th 2013 Not much longer...

January 12th 2013 Adding some more:

January 2nd 2013 Ivil's belly is growing

December 27th 2012 We were at the vet's for an ultrasound: Ivil is carrying pups! We're expecting a big litter. For info's and reservation see pups.

November 28th 2012 Ivil was bred to Brassaï, in about 4 weeks we'll do an ultasound to see if Ivil is carrying pups. More on this litter canbe found under pups. Pictures of our trip to Brassaï, who lives in the south of France can be found here.

November 10th 2012 Arik passed his BGH1 examn with 95 points (of 100) Congratulations Sabine and Arik!

October 28th 2012
Bambee met Strepen was at the show in Hannover, she was 1st Excellent and BOB. she now is youth-Champion. Congratulations!

October 28th 2012 
Itske gave birth to 5 pups, 4 male, 1 female.  More about the pups here.

October 20th 2012 AToyon met Strepen passed his BH examn!

August 29th 2012 Dingo bred Itske vd 's-Gravenschans. Pups will be born in Polen.
 More info:  Per Bene

August 25th 2012 At the Clubschau we met up with 2 pups out of Brenda vom Torfmoorsee x Cobber-Dingo, nice pups!

August 25th 2012 We were at the "HSCD Clubschau" in Ascheberg, Germany. On this nice event Bink met Strepen was judged "very promising" in "younster class males", just like his siters Bambee met Strepen (1.Very Promising) and Bella met Strepen (2.Very Promising) in Yopungsters class femal. Mom Ivil was 1st, in open class Females with "Excellent", CAC, Anw. Deutsch VDH Champion.
Dingo was also 1st CAC, Anw. Deutch VDH Champion, in Championclass males.

July 15th 2012
Arik met Strepen 14. july in Szombathely, Hongarije 1U, CAC, CACIB, BOB en op 15 juli in Oberwart, Oostenrijk 1U, CACA, CACIB, BOB - Erenring 5e Plaats! Hiermee is Arik "UNGARN - ÖSTERREICH WINNER 2012" 
June 29th 2012 De röntgen uitslagen van Arik met Strepen zijn binnen; HD-frei "A" ED-frei 0/0 Patellaluxation 0/0 

June 17th 2012
At the NHC clubmatch in Utrecht, Holland AToyon  met Strepen scored "Excellent" in open class males,  Knivil vh Pullenland "Excellent" in open class females.

June 16th 2012
In Bled, Slovenië haalde Arik met strepen 1U, CAC, CACIB, BOB, net als op de volgende dag in Klagenfurt. Hij heeft daarmee de titel "Krawanken Winner" binnengeharkt. Gefeliciteerd Sabine en Arik!

June 9th 2012 Arik met Strepen passed his BH examn.

June 4th 2012 Visited the pups of Brenda vom Torfmoorsee x Cobber-Dingo vd 's-Gravenschans. More info's here: Von den Goldauen
Bo von den Goldauen

May 20th 2012 A weekend in Berlin could not pass without a visit to AXana en AToyon. It was very nice seeing them again now that they are 2 years old.
AXana met Strepen AToyon met Strepen

May 19th 2012 In Salzburg, Austria the World Dog Show 2012 was held. Arik was best in open class, 1st Excellent, best male. That made him World Dog Winner 2012. We congratulate Sabine en Arik with this fantastic result!!
Arik met Strepem

May 17th 2012 We were at the Joe Kat show in Arnhem, Holland. Amigo-Gibbs met Strepen was 2nd Excellent in open class, Ivil 1st Excellent in open class. Borrize met Strepen 5 months, came to take a look at the show grounds.
Amigo-Gibbs met Strepen Knivil vh Pullenland Amigo-Gibbs met Strepen Borrize met Strepen

April 29th 2012 Alva met Strepen and Sabine passed the BH examn, 56 points!
Alva met Strepen

April 22th 2012 Assra met Strepen was at the international Dogshow in Dresden, she was 1. with excellent, CAC, CACIB, VDH anw.

April 10th 2012 We received a mail that the hip/elbow ratings of AToyon met Strepen are in; HD A1 en ED 0/0! Couldn't be any better!

April 10th 2012 Brenda vom Torfmoorsee gave birth to 6 healthy pups, 3 male 3 female. More info: von den Goldauen

Februari 26th 2012 Arik was at the international dogshow in Graz, Austrich He was first in his class, and best of breed! 1U, CAC CACIB BOB
Arik met Strepen

February 10th 2012 Dingo bred Brenda vom Torfmoorsee.
Brenda vomTorfmoorsee & Cobber-Dingo vd 's-Gravenschans

January 24th 2012 Dingo bred Jasmijn vh Pullenland once more, we hope she will have a somewhat bigger litter this time.

January 18th 2012 We received a mail from (A)Xana and (A)Toyon, they met at the local Mondioring club, they both enjoy this sport very much, pictures vcan be found here
Axana met Strepen & AToyon met Strepen

December 18th 2011 Unfortunately the male died, the other 7 are doing very well, pictures under Pups

December 16th 2011
The yellow female didn't make it, not clear why. And we have a male with a harelip, he is not doing too well.

December 14th 2011 The pups are born, more under Pups

December 6th 2011 Ivil grew a bit more, just over a week to go now...

November 22nd 2011 Ivil is getting bigger...
 Knivil vh Pullenland Hollandse Herder

November 16th 2011 We were at the vet's, Ivil is carrying pups. We are expecting a big litter.

Oktober 18th 2011 Ivil was bred by Shadow, in about 4 weeks we can go for an ultrasound to see if she's carrying pups.

Oktober 1st 2011 Amigo-Gibbs met Strepen received a Very Good at the show in Zwolle, Dingo's daughter Cowley van Rianne's Erf 1st Exc in youth class, she also was best female! She now is Dutch Youth Champion. 

September 25th 2011 Litter check-up in Germany, Axana and Alva met Strepen where there and had nice revieuws.

September 17th 2011 Ivil participated in the survival of the Dutch Shepherd Trainingsclub. We had a great day!

September 4th 2011 In the Eurodogshow Leeuwarden Ivil was 1st Exclellent in openclass! Dingo was 2nd Exc. behind his brother Cybe. Dingo's daughters Cezanne van Rianne's Erf 2nd Very Good in youth class, and Cowley van Rianne's Erf 1st Exc. in Yuoth class, She now is European Youth Champion. Amigo-Gibbs met Strepen was 2nd Very Good.
Cowley v. Rianne's Erf Cowley v Rianne's Erf (Coba for friends)

Augustus 28th 2011 Gibbs received a "Good" at Rotterdam show.

Augustus 14th 2011 Back home from a wonderful vacation in France, Ivil made a little report:
 Cobber-Dingo vd 's-Gravenschans Ivil's report.

Augustus 13th 2011
We were at the Trainingdays in French St. Vulbas, the best of the pictures:

July 23th 2011 At the HSCD clubschau in Lünen, Germany, Ivil was 4th Excellent in open class, Dingo 1Exc. in cahmpionclass.

July 2nd 2011 Assra came to visit us, it was great seeing her again!

June 26th 2011
At the NHC Clubmatch, Soest, Holland Amigo-Gibbs was rewarded a Very Good in youth-class, Ivil Excellent in open-class.
Dingo was 1st Excellent in Champion-class, best male and best shorthair; BOB
beste HH korthaar 2011  

June 26th 2011 Alva and her owner Sabine passed the "dog holders licence" and were rewarded a "very good" by the judge.
Alva proudly shows us the licence:
Alva met Strepen

June 11th 2011 At the "Pinkstershow" in Arnhem, Amigo-Gibbs was first with 1 Excellent in youth-class, and was best male!
 Amigo-Gibbs met Strepen

June 7th 2011
Toyon came to visit us, he's growing up to be a handsome guy! He loves tracking and biting the arm.
 Atoyon met Strepen

May 28th 2011
We got some picture of Dingo's daughters with Jasmijn vh Pullenland
Coba: and Cezanne:

April 16th 2011
Our A-litter went to the "nestendag" of the Dutch breeders club NHC. 5 Dogs of the litter were seen. They had good reports, Here are some pictures of this day.

Febuary 21st 2011 Sire for our B-litter has been decided on, it will be Shadow vd Boermastreek. Read more under pups

Shadow vd Boermastreek

December 29th 2010
Dingo's daughters are growing fast, we got a nice picure of Coba (Cowley van Rianne's Erf)

December 4th & 5th 2010 Arik went to the International Dubble CACIB Dogs show in Wels, Austria and both days was judged as "vert promising" and got to walk in the parade of honour. We congratulate Arik and his owner Sabine.

November 28th 2010
At the Winnershow in Amsterdam Ivil came in 3th with a "Very Good" in open class, Dingo was 1st in Championsclass and best shorthair. Dingo is now Winner 2010.

November 16th 2010 New pictures under "Foto's" and in A-nest update

September 13th 2010 Jasmijn had 3 puppies, 1 male, 2 females. More info here Rianne's Erf

August 15th 2010 Amber found a very nice new owner.

August 13th 2010 Ultrasound showed Jasmijn is carrying pups from Dingo! We expect the puppies around September 16th for info email us

August 8th 2010 Due to health problems of one of her new owners, we have jointly agreed to reassign Amber. Amber is with us now, and looking for a nice boss who is actively involved with her. For more information email us

Amber met Strepen

July 24th 2010 Dingo passed his ZZL (German exterior and behavioural test) with 210 points out of 210!

July 15th 2010 Dingo has bred Jasmijn vh Pullenland. For more info mail us, more about Jasmijn (in Dutch) on Rianne's Erf
Dingo x Jasmijn

July 11th 2010 All pups have gone to their new homes, they are doing very well!

June 18th 2010 The first pups are moving to their new owners.

June 8th 2010 Unfortunately we had to put Ukkie (meaning "tiny"), the smallest bitch, down. She had a complicated hartfailure.
Throw them all on their back up there Ukkie!
Ukkie met Strepen  Ukkie bijten

Mai 19th 2010 The puppies are playing outside, unfortunately no cam there, but there will be pictures!

April 25th 2010 Puppycam is on-line; watch pupcam

April 23th 2010 A-litter is born, 3 male 7 female. Mother and pups are doing well!

April 17th 2010 Ivil is getting bigger and bigger, one week to go...

March 24th 2010 We went to the vet for an echo, Ivil is pregnant!

Febuary 24th 2010 Ivil has been bred by Geron-Basko vd 's-Gravenschans.
Basko x Ivil

Febuary 10th 2010 Ivil is finally in heat!

Febuary 2th 2010 After a knee injury Dingo started his rehabilitation, I get to cycle in the icy wind till I drop, Dingo isnt'bothered and loves doing something again.

December 26th 2009 mail arrives from FCI our kennelname is approved and will be "met Strepen", meaning "with Stripes" in Dutch

December 5th 2009 Dingo and Marjolein succesfully complete the FPr1 (tracking) examn at ADRK BG Kleve-Kellen with 97 punten out of 100

November 8th 2009 Ivil and Marjolein succesfully complete the VZH/BH examn at SV OG Kleve-Kellen

September 27th 2009 Dingo is best male, best shorthair and best of breed at the first HSCD clubmatch in Germany, Ivil is 4th in open class with Excellent.